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Time for Life Style

Sunbathing in the Zugspitz Arena

SONNENHANG is German for “sunny hillside” – the perfect place to sunbathe! In summer as well as in winter, you can relax on our SONNENHANG sun terrace while enjoying the wonderful view of summer pastures and mighty mountains. In winter, you will love the glittering snowscape and the majestic white mountain summits of the Zugspitz Arena. Add a fine drink to that – this is surely the best way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D!


Life Style

Enjoying the sun in Ehrwald

Whether your day was spent in an active or a relaxing way, you deserve a small sun break on the sun terrace here in DER SONNENHANG! We are happy to serve your favourite (hot) drink and an apple strudel fresh from the oven or a delicious traditional snack. Take a seat and get some sun and new energy.

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